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TIM CLARKE - THE SAX MAN is an award-winning freelance wedding saxophonist based in North Yorkshire near the boundaries with West Yorkshire and Lancashire.

Not just weddings though, Tim plays at any event requiring live music - birthday parties, wedding anniversaries, christenings, formal dinners etc. etc. He's even played solo at 3 garden parties at the home of a leading public figure - details on request! Wedding music is often neglected, despite being the most memorable form of wedding entertainment. A good selection of music delights all your guests and drives your wedding, reflecting the atmosphere you wish to create.                           

OF ALL THE MUSIC OPTIONS AVAILABLE, NONE IS AS COOL AS THE SAX, WHICH IS IDEAL FOR ALL MUSIC GENRES          Tim plays alto, tenor & soprano saxes, each with its special sound quality, and clarinet - perfect for Gatsby-themed weddings, as well as for during any meal. You'll be surprised at the range of songs Tim offers you - including plenty of chart hits, dance & party tracks, favourite movie tunes (lots of Disney!), Sinatra/swing/jazz - even classics! 

YOU CAN'T PUT A VALUE ON THE MAGIC TIM ADDS TO A WEDDING - HIS SUPERB REVIEWS ARE EVIDENCE OF THAT!      Your wedding is the tip of the iceberg as far as Tim is concerned, as he sets to work immediately and develops a reassuring dialogue with you so that you are fully confident in his contribution to your big day. You're guaranteed an accomplished performance, but he also has the personality to create a fun occasion. His friendliness, passion and professionalism have been noted many times.  Wedding and event timings often fly out of the window but Tim's always flexible and goes the extra mile to guarantee the wedding of your dreams whilst he's entertaining you and your wedding party. A true wedding professional, Tim always looks the part - even down to reflecting your colour scheme in his choice of attire - unlike many DJs and photographers who'll turn up casually dressed (and that's being polite!). No wonder he was awarded the Award of Excellence by top wedding site Bridebook, when it was last run.

Here are extracts from reviews from some recent weddings - see all the feedback for Weddings & other Events on the Reviews pages:

               'Tim played ..... our reception drinks and at the evening reception and he was amazing!  Thank you so much for being part of our day and making it so amazing! (Becca Duffy, 2022)

                'Tim was truly amazing ..... Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the music, we would highly recommend Tim'            (Ash & Kylie Watson, 2022)

'He played along to our first dance and it made us feel like we were at a live concert. I would recommend Tim'    (Micky Nicholson, 2022)         

                'Tim played at our reception drinks! He was amazing! Would definitely recommend to anyone getting married! Thank you! Becky-Bradford' (Rebecca McCarthy, NYE 2021)

                 'We are so glad we booked Tim ....... Tim liaised with the DJ we had booked separately and it couldn't have gone any better for us' (Emma Redhead, 2021)

                 'Hi Tim, ...... you really helped set the mood to the whole wedding. Hope you continue to spread joy to other lovely couples and maybe one day see you again! All of our love and many thanks again Hannah and Stefan' x       (Hannah & Stefan Coward, 2021)

                'He played a solo in our first dance ........ he played amazingly through our song choices (which he carefully liaised with our DJ with) and blew away everyone with his skills at not only playing the saxophone but creating the perfect environment to start dancing.' (Emma Stephenson, 2021)

                'Tim's a lovely friendly guy who slotted right into our party and chatted easily with guests, many of whom later commented on how good his playing was and what a nice touch having him there was.'  (Dan & Jan Barrett, 2021)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                HAVING A CHURCH WEDDING?                                                                                                                                                                   Tim now has all the traditional wedding marches and other popular tunes with church organ backing which sound amazing on sax, especially with the acoustics of a traditional church building.

SAX & DJ FOR YOUR 'NIGHT DO' - THE EVENING RECEPTION?                                                                                                           DJ's range from excellent to appalling, Tim's experienced both ends of the spectrum.  Tim can play freestyle alongside a DJ, but also has terrific tunes in his own repertoire to personalise your evening and give you and your guests a break from your DJ or band.

THE FIRST DANCE                                                                                                                                                                                      There is nothing more romantic than the sax for your first dance as man and wife, or for the bride and father or the bridegroom and his mother dances.  For added intimacy Tim can follow you on the dance floor.                                        PLEASE GET IN TOUCH AS SOON AS YOU HAVE YOUR DATE - TIM IS OFTEN BOOKED 2-3 YRS IN ADVANCE!        

excellent reviews & wedding industry award 2019

Tim Clarke - The Sax Man was awarded the 2019 Certificate of Excellence by top wedding site Bridebook.co.uk                 in recognition of the reviews and recommendations received during 2018, just 1 review short of winning Gold!  Do read Tim's glowing reviews from delighted brides and grooms on the Wedding Reviews page (tab above*).  

Wedding saxophonist certificate of excellence

what's on tim's music list?

Tim's repertoire is huge!  Take time to have a look at the Repertoire page (tab above*) - you'll be surprised at the choice! Chart hits, dance tunes, music from the movies (lots of Disney!), laid-back jazz & swing, classical and even Irish, Scottish etc. etc.  Better still, get in touch to request your own copy of the latest version to be sent to you by email for easy reading!     Tim will create the mood and flavour you desire, then craft your music choices into the perfect running order to achieve it. 

how much does tim clarke - the sax man charge?

Tim puts the emphasis on fairness with his pricing, with a very competitive price structure: these are calculated per 'stage' of the day but you can also have a time-based price if preferred.  Don't risk disaster just to save a few £££.              'The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweet taste of low price is forgotten' (Benjamin Franklin)           Your budget will also take a beating if you rely on your venue's 'in-house' entertainment: these are actually agencies with a 'one size fits all' mentality, and financially convenient for the venue - but not for you! 

    what tim could do at your wedding

Welcome Drinks Reception - Unless you've already married in church, this is where your day begins.  Nothing beats the surprise of your guests seeing that you've booked some live music performed on the saxophone, but it's all the more special if you've chosen the music.  What's more, it isn't too loud to prevent conversation.                                                                       Wedding Service/Ceremony – You'll need music as your guests arrive, for your bridal entrance (the processional), for the signing of the register, for your exit as a married couple (the recessional) and as your guests filter out.                                        Photography/Canapés Interval  - Your guests will not be involved all the time you are with your photographer so why not keep the happiness flowing with more background music?  If weather permits, Tim can easily join your guests outdoors.   Wedding Breakfast – Let Tim create an amazing atmosphere as you dine with a selection of mellow music - then loosen up with a sing-along to family party favourites at the end!  It beats spending a lot of hard-earned money on singing waiters - it's all included in the price!                                                                                                                                                                      Evening Interval  – Build up the atmosphere towards your evening event with his dance & party sounds on sax!             Evening Reception  – Apart from having sax & DJ during your 'night do' there is nothing more romantic than the sax for your first dance as man and wife, or for the bride/father or bridegroom/mother dances.  Tim can join you unamplified on the dance-floor for added intimacy.  Not all couples have a DJ or wedding band during the evening reception. 

                   about tim clarke - the sax man

Tim became Tim Clarke - The Sax Man in 2012 but prior to that developed knowledge and experience in various musical fields.  Starting on clarinet aged 11 then sax in his teens, Tim has performed, arranged and even composed music for many years.  He's currently sax player in Soul Train (see below re Wedding Band), but has also played sax and clarinet in concert bands and oompah bands.  He's the MD/conductor of a clarinet group in Ilkley and flute player in a military corps of drums!   

Your delight is GUARANTEED!

Even if you're unsure, contact Tim with your date, venue & times. Call 07917 690931, email tim.clarkinet@yahoo.co.uk or complete the Contact Form below. 

         why not chat to tim at a wedding fair?

Tim has featured in wedding publications including the diamond jubilee edition of Brides magazine in 2015, and attends wedding fairs, which are are also announced on Tim's Facebook page www.facebook.com/tcthesaxman (click the button below to give this page a like).                                                                                                                                                                

looking for a wedding band to fill the dancefloor?

Soul Train are an 8 piece tribute band - guaranteed to fill thefloor with Soul & Motown classics.  Made up of seasoned musicians with a wealth of experience, Tim features on saxophones in the 3-man horn section; Tim also arranged the sax and trumpet music as per the original songs for an authentically classic sound.  www.soultrainexperience.co.uk

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With one happy couple, after my sets at their Evening Reception
Tim Clarke - The Sax Man on Last Minute Musicians
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